Consumer Protection

Disclosure and Transparency


  • Disclosure and Transparency are complementary positive practices which will be adopted by Al Amal Express Exchange.
  • Al Amal Express Exchange House will undertake the obligation for disclosure by providing quality, accurate, complete timely and effective and useful information to consumer proactively that are necessary to make an informed decision regarding Financial Products and/or Services.
  • The Exchange House undertakes to proactively provide useful information and advice in the Market to uphold Transparency.
  • Al Amal Express Exchange House will not engage in deceptive, misleading, fraudulent or unfair advertisement. As part of responsible advertising it will be ensured that the communications and the materials in the advertising are simple and easily understandable by the Consumers. 


Market Conduct


  • Al Amal Express Exchange will uphold the integrity of the Financial Market through responsible Market activities which contributes to the overall stability and confidence in the financial system.
  • The Exchange undertakes to sell and provide Consumers with appropriate products and/or services in accordance with the principles of the Consumer Protection Regulation as explained in this policy.
  • Al Amal Express Exchange will promote a competitive Market by improving the freedom of choice through transparency, eliminating unreasonable and unfair barriers to competition, and will provide comparative information on product and/or services if required.
  • The Exchange will actively monitor, identify, respond and address misconduct and potential Market Conduct risks.


Business Conduct


  • Al Amal Express Exchange will
  • Follow appropriate Business conduct which instills an internal culture and behavior of integrity and ethics in its services and activities including product design, development, promotion, sales, distribution, providing finance practices;
  • Focus on minimizing Conflict of Interest and Consumer risks.
  • Ensure financial wellbeing of its Consumers and will treat consumers fairly at all times.
  • Act with due skill, care and diligence, fairly, honestly and professionally in the relationship with Consumers.


Protection of Consumer Data and Assets


  • Al Amal Express Exchange will collect only the minimal amount of Consumer Data and information needed in respect of their licensed activities and remain in compliance with all other related laws. All guidelines related to consumer data , data protection and related guidelines are clearly mentioned in the IT Security Policy
  • The IT Security Policy covers areas of Protection of Consumer Assets, Information and Data against Financial Crimes, Misappropriation and Misuse.


Consumer Education and Awareness


  • The exchange House will reduce the risk exposure of Consumers by enabling them to make financial decisions that is in their best interests by improving Consumers financial education and awareness.
  • The Exchange House provides unbiased educational information on the products through website and ensure Consumer awareness of any risks before acceptance of the product or services is completed.
  • Al Amal Express Exchange House will assist to develop knowledge, skills and confidence to customers for sufficiently understand risks, make informed choices, know where to go for advice / assistance, and to take positive action to improve their own financial wellbeing.


Financial Inclusion and Gender & Racial Equality


  • Al Amal Express Exchange House provides consumers including vulnerable groups and People of Determination access to its Financial Products and/or Services and facilitate them to carry out financial transactions in a safe and efficient manner. People of Determination is defined as a person suffering from a temporary or permanent, full or partial deficiency or infirmity in his physical, sensory, mental, communicational, educational or psychological abilities to an extent that limits his possibility of performing the ordinary requirements
  • The Exchange house ensures gender and racial equality by providing appropriate access to their products and/or services for Minority Groups who have differing financial needs.